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The Ocean At The End Of The Lane - a tour de force of imagination and storytelling

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Wednesday, 11 October 2023

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Saturday, 25 November 2023

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2h 25m (incl 20m interval)

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The Ocean At The End Of The Lane

London's West End is alight once more thanks to the National Theatre's awesome production of The Ocean at the End of the Lane. This time it’s playing the Noël Coward Theatre, on stage at the venue after a long tour of the UK and Ireland. You have a strictly limited seven-week encore run beginning 11th October and ending on 25th November 25th to enjoy. The show has been beautifully adapted from Neil Gaiman’s hit 2013 novel, in which magic and memory conspire to re-tell a tale about a forgotten childhood adventure.

The full 17 member cast from the tour transfers to the West End run, including Keir Ogilvy as Boy, Daniel Cornish as alternate Boy, Laurie Ogden as Sis, Trevor Fox as Dad, Charlie Brooks as Ursula, Millie Hikasa as Lettie Hempstock, Kemi-Bo Jacobs as Ginnie Hempstock, and Finty Williams as Old Mrs Hempstock. This is just one of Neil Gaiman’s magical graphic novels. Others include The Sandman series, adapted for TV by Netflix, Stardust, Coraline, and The Graveyard Book. The Ocean at the End of the Lane premiered at the National Theatre in 2019, made a West End debut in 2021 at the Duke of York's Theatre, now it’s set the thrill audiences all over again in London.

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Young Couples:

An interesting experience
This theatre experience is definitely for people who like something different
Diane, 12 Nov 2023
Not to be missed!
We had been told it was a great play but this adaptation still surprised us in many ways.Book your tickets whilst it's in the West End, you won't be disappointed.
Thibaud, 10 Nov 2023
Exciting, great performance
A great show with a few bits that made me jump. It is funny and the acting is excellent.
Doreen, 05 Nov 2023
Wonderful and exciting!
A great adaptation of the novel. Highly recommend to anyone
John, 03 Nov 2023
Best show I've ever been to
This has everything, a wonderful story, adapted perfectly for the theatre. Captivating actors, incredible direction and absolutely captivating from start to end.
Sinead, 15 May 2022
Must take a dip in the ocean before it disappears
Immerse yourself, everything is top notch and this show is a memory you will retain!
John, 01 May 2022
Beautiful and dreamlike
The first act seemed a little long but the payoff in the second act made it well worth it. The choreography, sets and direction created an immersive world and told a new fairy tale. It was beautifully acted and performed. The ensemble deserved a standing ovation for their role in creating the magic the show evokes.
Jason, 17 Apr 2022
Gripping story, brilliant acting, fantastic special effects!
Story was Gripping with a good moral to it. Brilliant acting on the part of everyone. Fantastic special effects and stage crew. Excellent music too.
Natalie, 13 Apr 2022
A tour de force of the Imagination
I was wondering how the book would be adapted and was very pleasantly surprised by the inventive use of the crew as multitasking ensemble. Also the creative use of puppetry and rippling swathes of fabric as the ocean waves. A sight to behold. Magic on stage indeed!
Jimmy, 01 Apr 2022
Immersive and gripping, a fantastic show!
This was my first London theatre show and it was amazing! Brilliant sound-FX all the way through, acting that constantly keeps your attention and a great story! Would definitely recommend for casual and avid theatre goers.
Joshua, 17 Mar 2022
Dark, scary, brilliant
Brilliant show. Suggested for over 12s but my 9 year old who loves all dark and scary things loved it. Quite surreal story, reminded me of Stranger Things but more original.
Claire, 06 Mar 2022
Imaginative interpretation of Gaiman’s book
Simple props used with imagination , lighting and music used to great effect to create a fantastic atmosphere and the puppets are a wonder . Very different and superior to the usual West End fare. A success in all areas.
Elizabeth, 11 Feb 2022
A must see for anyone who loves the Theatre
Absolutely amazing, we laughed, we cried and felt emotionally invested in all the characters, were literally on the edge of our seats glued to the story unfolding. A fantastic show to introduce my daughter to the theatre experience
Paula, 08 Feb 2022
For those that suffered abnormally in their childhood.
David, 05 Feb 2022
Amazing experience
Excellent show, we loved every second. The actors were brilliant. Everyone involved in this production should be proud of the job they have done.
Luke, 22 Jan 2022
very enjoyable visual treat
It's a real achievement to make an unlikely fantasy story about a pond into such an engaging spectacle. Great visual effects.
Jessica, 15 Jan 2022
a celebration of the art of imagination
I loved the show due to the creative set design and amazing puppetry used. Their horror aspects were very enjoyable and kept you on edge. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys something a bit more abstract, and overall a great experience.
Gemma, 08 Jan 2022
Utterly enthralling
Best representation of a great fictional work since Philip Pullman's Dark Materials was put on at the National Theatre
Mark, 19 Dec 2021
A thought/provoking, visually stunning, and heartfelt adventure
What the genre of magical realism should be. The acting, the movement, the puppetry—all were outstanding and had surprises. Would definitely see it again. Not recommended for young children.
Jane, 12 Dec 2021
Dazzling, moving fairy tale
Awesome staging, perfect actors, it made me cry.
Victor, 04 Dec 2021
Fantastic experience… I visual spectacle
Jacob, 01 Dec 2021
A journey to a dreamland
I am stunned. A wonderful story, great actors,amazing lighting/costumes/effects. I wished I could have stayed in this world.
Carola, 30 Nov 2021
Great special effects, drama and pacing.
Loved the staging and special effects—true theater magic. Looked like movie magic. Captivating. Great story telling and pacing. Great and unusual puppets. I loved the show and was captivated. Glad they incorporated stage crew well.
Joshua, 18 Nov 2021