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Photograph 51 - Nicole Kidman returns to the London Stage

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Photograph 51

Science has never been so interesting! Photograph 51, an award-winning play by the American playwright Anna Ziegler, tells the remarkable story of Rosalind Franklin, the scientist whose amazing X-ray diffraction images led to the discovery of DNA's famous double helix structure. This was 1953 and science was a male-dominated discipline. After Maurice Wilkins showed Franklin's photo to James Watson without her knowledge or approval, he and Francis Crick used it to develop their ground-breaking chemical model of the DNA molecule. The rest is history.

In 1962 Wilkins, Watson and Crick won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for their work, four years after Franklin's death. Her contribution was never acknowledged. This is her story. Directed by the marvellous Michael Grandage with set and costumes by Christopher Oram and sound design by Adam Cork, this extraordinary play explores the life of the woman whose work helped Watson and Crick crack DNA's ancient code, and the sacrifices she made in pursuit of the scientific truth. The Academy Award winning actress Nicole Kidman plays Franklin in a long-awaited return to the West End seventeen years after she made her London stage debut. Not to be missed!

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Young Couples:

A must see.
It is a a must see performance. The whole cast - great! Great played, great spoken, great performed. I, actually, wish to see it again. There is a lot to think of… The play is new and brings new ideas, new look into the human mind and human soul. Kidman? A dream fulfilled! Dreamed from years to see her performing live after so many great movies she have made. I didn't go just to see the great star she is, but to enjoy her talent… She covers all expectations. To see a talented actress, clean speaking, clean performing, exact, nothing too much, but the exact "living and breathing in the role" kind of a performance as she always does. For everyone who love arts - just go and see the play. The guys - great actors, passioantely performing, living in the play, great. UNFORGETTABLE! Thank you! Applause!
Alexander, 21 Sep 2015
Not to be missed - very moving
Excellent Drama and would advise this should be added to your bucket list. Only advice - no interval so watch your fluid intake before the show as 90mins might be a long time to wait.
Gillian, 21 Sep 2015
Such an emotional and powerful story! Nicole Kidman was sensational! A wonderful show, very clever set up. The story was griping and very emotional and humbling.
Michael, 19 Sep 2015
Enjoyed the storyline and excellent acting. Loved Nicole Kidmans performance
Candice, 12 Sep 2015
I was totally immersed into the story and the presentation of the personalities of thes people. I thought the staging of the play was ingenious and contributed to immersing one into the dynamics between the principal characters. The time just flew by! The cast was superb.
Elizabeth, 10 Sep 2015
Perfect thoroughly enjoyable.
This show was brilliant from the beginning to the end. It flowed beautifully, very easy to follow the storyline and fabulous cohesion between all the actors.
Rhonda, 10 Sep 2015
The play explains how Franklin was robbed by her academic colleagues--all's fair in love and science.
Keith, 06 Sep 2015
Superb scientific story
Nicole Kidman gave a subtle and understated performance as Rosalind Franklin and did the character justice. The story was brilliantly told and without bias. It was superbly put together.
Alexandra, 06 Sep 2015
Unusual !
A very thought provoking (and still a topical) issue of the role of women in society. Slow start but compelling story and performances by all of the cast. Particularly liked the role of the narrator and the imaginative use of the set.
Ray, 06 Sep 2015