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DEAR EVAN HANSEN - One of the most remarkable shows in musical theatre history

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Tuesday, 26 October 2021

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Saturday, 22 October 2022

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A letter that was never meant to be seen, a lie that was never meant to be told, a life he never dreamed he could have. Evan Hansen is about to get the one thing he’s always wanted: a chance to finally fit in. From the Tony®, Oscar and Golden Globe-winning songwriting team Benj Pasek and Justin Paul (The Greatest Showman, La La Land), DEAR EVAN HANSEN is a new musical about life and the way we live it. It's opening in November 2019, so book your tickets today.

If your favourite theatre experiences just happen to be award-winning, multi-generational, uplifting, powerful and contemporary musicals, this one is for you. DEAR EVAN HANSEN is on at the magnificent Noel Coward theatre and comes direct from the pens of the people who gave us La La Land and The Greatest Showman. It's widely predicted to become a classic, which makes it one of this year's best 'must see' productions. It is a multi-award winner of a musical with a novel spin-off and a film version on the cards thanks to an option from Universal Studios. See you there.

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Young Couples:

Life changing
Totally brilliant ,powerful acting and music its so good
Stephen, 23 Oct 2022
Watch it NOW!!!!!
Rhys, 20 Oct 2022
A Story about our time. Feelings almost everyone knows. Brillant actors. Wonderful Songs. Tears all over the audience.
Christian, 04 Oct 2022
A bit mixed
I didn’t dislike the show, but was a bit underwhelmed. A rather strange storyline, no memorable songs and a rather flat ending.
David, 02 Oct 2022
Loved the show. Relevant for social awkward teenaged and how they are so vulnerable to social media
Linda, 28 Sep 2022
So moving
Riona, 25 Sep 2022
It didn't really wow me. It didn't help that my seat was far from the action.
Joel, 16 Sep 2022
Excellent show.
This show will resonate with anyone who has had doubts in thier life and will show them they are not alone.
Teresa, 15 Sep 2022
This show.... gosh! It makes you laugh, cry and care with the characters. With the cast being so small you really have to be an incredible actor and singer and the cast i saw was absolutely flawless!
Brogan, 10 Sep 2022
One of the best musicals I have ever seen. A heart wrenching story with a not to typical resolution. It shows the harsh reality that in life you don’t always get the perfect happy ending. It simultaneously shows how one small lie can spiral out of control while also raising the important issue of mental health awareness!
Vanessa, 25 Aug 2022
thought prevoking
Don't miss this show it is truly brilliant
Judth, 24 Aug 2022
Amazing, everything I hoped it would be. Sam Tutty really tuned into the much misunderstood anxiety issues. This show will make you laugh and cry in equal measures. The whole cast were entertaining and sincere. Absolutely loved it. I would say ages 12 and above would appreciate this show, and it's content. A fair bit of swearing, but no worse than you'd hear in the street. Thought provoking show.
Wendy, 23 Aug 2022
A wonderful experience
I took my 16year old grand daughter and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. Air con was set perfect. Our seats were good. The show was brilliant, the acting was excellent, the storyline was very relatable, the whole performance was great! We’ve already bought tickets for another family member to see it, and recommend it to anyone!
Marie, 21 Aug 2022
Go and see this show!
Sam was excellent in the title role, excellent cast and storyline. Go, you won’t be disappointed!
Melanie, 15 Aug 2022
Just extraordinary. Sam Tutty is so lovely and so brilliantly talented. The whole cast is perfect. Thus production is a must see
Matthew, 13 Aug 2022
Helps in unnderstanding behavior and often hidden emotions.
My son and I sat in the balcony, seats C10 and C11. The theater was full. The seats had good viewing of the stage but I also brought binoculars to see facial expressions which I recommend. The air conditioning was on but it was still too warm in the balcony. People near me we're fanning themselves during the show. The show is excellent and I enjoyed seeing it while visiting London.
Milton, 07 Aug 2022
Dear evan Hansen what a fantastic show...
Dear evan Hansen here's an amazing show and here's why, Story great, songs great, actors great, just a great all round performance. Just as good as the original cast.
Gareth, 28 Jul 2022
Just fabulous!
Dear Evan Hansen was absolutely amazing! I laughed, cried and smiled my way through it all the cast were amazing but Marcus who played Evan was just fabulous. I would recommend any see this before it closes it's really thought provoking. Just fabulous!
Ali, 23 Jul 2022
Emotional viewing
So many emotions, very well done. Talented actors.
Emily, 22 Jul 2022
I didn't realize how complicated and tangled the whole plot was. Thanks to the lyrics and acting, you get transformed into the setting of the story without big stage set change. My 17 years old son cried so much that he had puffy eyes after the show and had to be hydrated! Beautiful tears all around - everyone has their own stories- especially the 3 middle-aged gentlemen in front of me on the front row. Tears streaming down their cheeks and you just wanted to hug everyone around you. Everyone should watch this to appreciate that human beings have not changed much and the timeless theme of love and family. So glad I watched it with my teenage boy. Thank you!!!!!!
Nana, 21 Jul 2022
Touches your heart and soul!
When learning in university about different types of experiences I always wondered what event is considered a transformative experience for me. Dear Evan Hansen definitely is because it influenced my life greatly. No matter the songs that make me cry, the actors that make you wanna go on stage to hug them, because they’re playing their roles so realistically or the life music that makes the experience much more intense. Everything is just the way I wanted it to be! After the show the stars even took time for pictures, signatures and some small talk despite them probably being exhausted. This was my second time watching DEH my first time was in NYC both performances I‘ll cherish for life. If I could I would watch it again and again and again. We planned this trip to London just for DEH and it was more than worth it!
meike, 18 Jul 2022
Surprising good
Why so many awards? I listened to the music and wasn’t very shure… so I had to see this show. And wow, it was great. Great acting, small setting, but touching and inviting! I want to see this show again!
Kristien, 13 Jul 2022
Human nature
The young woman sitting next to me was very teary at interval. A first half performance that resonated with us all. We do matter and if necessary we can reach out. Evan's mum had a beautiful voice. Evan had a wonderful strength in his voice. The acting was great. The story line appeared to weaken and become a little confused at the end.
Ann, 13 Jul 2022
A laughing, crying, gasping, cringing kind of extravaganza!
Instantly one of my favourite musicals. The raw emotion on the actors' faces felt so genuine that I was actually uncomfortable at times, as if I was intruding on so many private moments. Their voices were absolutely superb (no 'oh well, they'll do' voice in this cast) and they conveyed anxiety and grief so well, I just wanted to give them all hugs. Let's not ignore the humour, though. It's frequent and surprising, given the weighty topic, and - mixed in with the emotional turmoil - made the experience truly wonderful. If I had the time, I'd go and see it every week until it closes!
Rebecca, 13 Jul 2022
Amazing show, great actors and amazing singing voices. Great view from seats and nice small theatre too! Overall fantastic day out
Maxine, 07 Jul 2022
Deep and powerful
A very powerful and moving show with excellent storyline. Would appeal to everyone as we are all affected by the issues outlined in the show. Great evening 😊
Andrea, 03 Jul 2022
Fntastic play
Fantstic acting and great story
Kjersti, 01 Jul 2022
Outstanding! A must see!
Amazing, singing, acting and the whole show was fabulous! The guy who played Evan was amazing! His acting was outstanding and he had us in tears throughout.
Rachel, 01 Jul 2022
Emotional, powerful, key topic
Good stage performance of this show, enjoyed the layout of the set and characters. Emotive songs.
Jessica, 30 Jun 2022
The lead, young actor was Brilliant !
Cheryl, 30 Jun 2022
Excellent show, go for it!
Beautiful theatre, friendly and helpful staff, a really entertaining production with a talented and energetic cast. Highly recommended.
Tim, 26 Jun 2022
A Musical Masterpiece
I was familiar with the music from this show before attending last nights production but it still didn’t prepare for how wonderful the actual stage show would be. This is a not to be missed show and I honestly could not recommend it any more highly. If you get the opportunity to go along then grab it with both hands!
Jimmy, 21 Jun 2022
Bought tickets for my wife for her birthday, didn’t know what the story was about but it was amazing. Great production with good acting and music.
Benjamin, 18 Jun 2022
Must see
Great show and thought provoking for all genres.
Claire, 18 Jun 2022
Die Show war einfach unglaublich. Der Gesang und auch das Schauspiel war umwerfend . Bei jedem Lied hat man eine Gänsehaut bekommen !
Merit, 18 Jun 2022
Clever, contemporary - superb.
Glad to see this before it closes this year, as heard a lot about it. Clever, contemporary and with a lead performance that will stay with me for a long time. The issues of mental health and social media interweave and resonate with many, I’m sure. I have had the melody of ‘You Will Be Found’ stuck in my head for days. Grab tickets while you can & don’t forget to take a pack of tissues for the emotional ride.
Karen, 10 Jun 2022
Everyone must see this show ones in a life time at least
It is such a hartbreaking story but also something we can relate to in the world we live in. Just to see things in the theater makes us capabele of talking feeding and moving easier around the difficult matters in our lives. Thanks to all for that.
LMG, 01 Jun 2022
Loved every second!
Totally mesmerised from start to finish. Loved the story, loved the acting, loved the songs.
Rebecca, 31 May 2022
Amazing! A must see!
It is amazing! I love the music and the acting was also really really good!
Lea-Sophie, 20 May 2022
Incredibly Powerful
Defiantly one of my new favourite shows, the acting and singing were amazing, it even made me cry! Sam Tutty who played Evan Hansen was incredible, honestly one of the most powerful acting skills I’ve ever seen!!! Even Hannah Qureshi who was understudying for Zoe Murphy was outstanding, lovely performance and powerful voice!!
Andy, 15 May 2022
Definitely a MUST see show!!!
Dear Evan Hansen is a fantastically well produced show with great moments of comedy and some real tear jerking moments as the characters struggle to fit into the norms of todays world. The actor’s brought every character to life and for the duration of the show brought you into their world of life’s struggles. Do not miss this show if you get the opportunity to go see a show while in London
Eoin, 15 May 2022
Fabulous Show
Despite having a few understudies in the main roles, this performance was fabulous. Great story, acting and music.
Gary, 14 May 2022
Wonderful show- poignant
If you have young children there is language but it is used with a purpose. Great show for parents and teenagers!
Kim, 13 May 2022
A must see musical
This show is very hard felt with a feel good ending. The actors especially the lead role of Evan are excellently played.
Lindsey, 13 May 2022
Brilliant show
Fantastic show, casting, story, songs, production. We loved it. Relateable and heartfelt.
Shelby, 05 May 2022
Inspiring story
Story is emotional and inspiring and makes you think. We saw the understudy play Evan and he was super
Nicola, 05 May 2022
Real life
You have to this one. Thats how you get to know , about the danger off internet
Marinus, 02 May 2022
Must see!
I like the musical. Unusual lights and sound effects. Good story. Excellent acting.
Alla, 24 Apr 2022
Amazing. Truly amazing.
This show is the best thing I have seen in a long time. I could watch it time and time again. I laughed and I cried. Such a talented cast and musicians. This is a must see show.
Beverley, 19 Apr 2022
Not my cup of tea
Meh! A lot of hype for this show but it never really fired my imagination, everything as fine but not a classic by any stretch of the imagination
Chris, 18 Apr 2022
Riona, 10 Apr 2022
Actors performing well, music easy to listen too, story telling okay and relevant
Rikke, 02 Apr 2022
An absolute must see. This is our second time, loved it ❤️
Fantastic show, the cast are amazing, a moving story with wonderful songs, loved it
Rachael, 01 Apr 2022
Brilliant show
What a fantastic show. The storyline was brilliantly acted and Evan Hansen was phenomenal! He was spellbounding. He held the audience for the whole show. An absolute roaring success- must see show
Jill, 28 Mar 2022
Mind blowing
We came from Ireland to see the show as we had read the books and seen the movie. The actors in the show were brilliant and exceeded our expectations. We would definitely come to see it again . Well done to all involved
Leanne, 19 Mar 2022
A second class show !
I was very disappointed, I didn't like the music, the songs, the way the actors were singing, too yelling... I waste my money !
FRANCOISE, 19 Mar 2022
Great tunes
Great tunes. You can hear all the words.
Ravi, 19 Mar 2022
A must see!
Amazing show, but 98% of the audience without wearing face coverings.
Raul, 13 Mar 2022
We did not know the story and found it amazing
What an emotional and inspirational show
Adam, 07 Mar 2022
Dark subject but well executed
Not suitable for those not keen on accepting issues of autism and suicide but very well acted and light moments. Music & staging good.
Juliet, 26 Feb 2022
Must see show
A new musical for a new age
Nick, 24 Feb 2022
Very good story. Brought to the surface the obstacles people with social & communication issues face, their behaviours, mannerisms and reasoning. Excellent acting of this by Sam Tutty. Very touching. Great voices of Sam and the rest of the cast.
Teresa, 20 Feb 2022
Thought provoking
An amazing show - very thought provoking and makes you realise how much spending time with people is so important, and how the things we do as adults can affect our children. Superb actors and singing was fab
Karen, 16 Feb 2022
Moving and sensational.
The overall is an enjoyable experience. I don't like the story line between Evan and Zoe because it is not possible to happen in real life.
Ping, 14 Feb 2022
Blew me away
I wasnt sure what to expect as although it was recommended I deliberately didn’t read any reviews before the show. It was amazing. My favourite west end production
Toni, 29 Jan 2022
Such an inspiring insight into teenage dilemmas
I thought I might be too old to ‘get’ this show but it was so highly recommended I booked anyway and didn’t regret it for a minute. Inspirational drama to music that gave an insight into the modern life of families and within them , families in this demanding society. All the characters were outstanding, musicians and the music completely held the story and almost, an education as to what to do or not do if you have teenagers in your life
Susan, 21 Jan 2022
Bring tissues! I weeped from start to end! Absolutely flawless cast and a fantastic show!
Callum, 21 Jan 2022
Wonderful and thought provoking show! Brilliant cast
Caitriona, 14 Dec 2021
Bloody marvellous
Absolutely fantastic show. Alternate Evan Hansen, Marcus Harman was a natural Evan, we loved him. My daughter’s first West End show, she wants to come again.
Samantha, 11 Dec 2021
Must see show
Excellent show highly reccomend Brilliant little theatre great staff well organised
Lewis, 31 Oct 2021